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March Features: Victor Deras and Matcha

Here at Aldea, one of our core purposes is to build special relationships with the farmers and vendors we work with. Meeting the farmers in person and having strong relationships with our vendors elevates the connections between our people, products, and values. This month we are excited to bring you two great products, the coffee of Victor Deras and our Matcha from Easthill Tea Co.   Victor Deras’ Coffee In 2018, Brittany was able to travel to Honduras and meet Victor Deras. At the time, Victor had been selling coffee to Aldea for 4 years; a business which he is passionate about. He explained how much selling to us had impacted his life. As a business, we praise quality over...

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Why Aldea's espresso blend is perfect for Valentine’s Day

Espresso Blend - What you should know When you base everything you do on facilitating healthy relationships, it is sometimes surprising the pleasant things that happen. Our espresso blend is one such instance. As we began looking forward to our February and Valentine’s Day specials, we decided to highlight these coffees and how well they compliment each other in our espresso. This blend consists largely of two coffees grown by Ruth and Ramon Enamorado. Ruth and Ramon are farmers from the same region of Honduras, but what makes it even more special is they are also husband and wife whose last name just so happens to translate as “in love.”   Naturally processed coffees Natural processing is different from the...

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A Letter From The Founders.

Dear Aldea Family, As this year comes to a close, sitting down and writing something to all of you is a first for us; hopefully the first of many to come. To begin with, we are sending this to update you on the many developments Aldea has undertaken in 2019. We opened a new café, are acquiring a building to permanently house our roaster, started baking most of our own pastries, and doubled our staff. Needless to say, we could not have done this without all of you. The business consultants of the world might want to call you customers, but we know that is far from the truth. You are close friends and much more like family. You have...

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Coffee by Carlitos: Special Limited Release!

Last year, we brought you the coffee of Charlie “Carlos” Heins, for the first time. It was a big hit and we loved your excitement and feedback. To date it is one of the highest quality coffees available at Aldea. Charlie’s coffee farm only produced 300 pounds this year, so we are again doing a limited release for the holidays. We want to show what a difference a year can make and how special we feel being involved in the lives of the growers we work with is. Charlie's Second Coffee Harvest You might think growing coffee in the mountains of Honduras seems like a romantic notion, Carlos proved it really can be. Seriously, maybe we should wait until Valentines...

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