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A Letter From The Founders.

Dear Aldea Family, As this year comes to a close, sitting down and writing something to all of you is a first for us; hopefully the first of many to come. To begin with, we are sending this to update you on the many developments Aldea has undertaken in 2019. We opened a new café, are acquiring a building to permanently house our roaster, started baking most of our own pastries, and doubled our staff. Needless to say, we could not have done this without all of you. The business consultants of the world might want to call you customers, but we know that is far from the truth. You are close friends and much more like family. You have...

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Coffee by Carlitos: Special Limited Release!

Last year, we brought you the coffee of Charlie “Carlos” Heins, for the first time. It was a big hit and we loved your excitement and feedback. To date it is one of the highest quality coffees available at Aldea. Charlie’s coffee farm only produced 300 pounds this year, so we are again doing a limited release for the holidays. We want to show what a difference a year can make and how special we feel being involved in the lives of the growers we work with is. Charlie's Second Coffee Harvest You might think growing coffee in the mountains of Honduras seems like a romantic notion, Carlos proved it really can be. Seriously, maybe we should wait until Valentines...

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Aldea is inspired by our predecessors in the environmental movement. Good stewardship of the Earth is by no means a modern concept, and we proudly stand on the shoulders of past leaders like the Iroquois, who contemplated the effects of their decisions on people seven generations into the future. It’s a truly beautiful sentiment, and an ethos worthy of upholding. Preserve. In July 2019, Aldea Coffee turns four years old. In that time, we have made preserving the Earth a top priority, and that value is written directly into our mission statement. Our team is full of highly passionate and empathetic people who embrace challenges as they arise. We make recycling and composting possible by working with local organizations, friends...

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