Organic Loose Leaf- Teas at Aldea by Brittany Goode - Aldea Coffee

Organic Loose Leaf- Teas at Aldea by Brittany Goode

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People are often shocked when they hear that even though I work for Aldea Coffee, I don’t drink coffee on a regular basis. In fact, Aldea Coffee is the first and only coffee that I have ever had in my entire life. I began working here during the summer of 2015, and I began to appreciate coffee as I learned more about where it came from, how it was processed, prepared, and served. However, for my personal well-being, tea continues to be a pivotal part of my life and daily routine.

Brittany from Aldea Coffee sipping a cup of Young Mountain Tea

As an organization we put our passions and people first. Because of this, I was able to find a home here as the tea expert. I had previously been working closely with loose-leaf teas, so this was an area I was able to contribute to the new cafe. It wasn’t until I started working with Aldea that I learned what it meant to source products as close to origin as possible. I had the opportunity to meet Raj, founder of Young Mountain Tea, for the first time standing at a newly constructed Aldea in the Armory. The encounter was brief, but influential.

As our cafe began to grow, it became vital to add more options to our lineup of teas. We added an array of tisanes (non-caffeinated) and an Aldea featured tea, Cascara, made from the coffee cherry.

To share one of my passions with you, I assembled this guide of organic loose-leaf teas we offer at Aldea. Each tea contributes to the overall well-being, or bienestar in Spanish, of each person we interact with as well as how the teas interact within you.


All of our teas are available to purchase at the Armory.


Young Mountain Teas 

Aldea Coffee and Young Mountain Tea - Fair Trade Tea

 Nepali Golden Black

-Medium caffeine levels-

Origin | Ilam, Nepal : Tinjure
Highlights | processes at a co-op in Tinjure, providing the growers with higher incomes.
Tasting notes | Rich & complex
Bienestar | a warm and grounding tea, serve hot or iced
To steep | 210 Degrees F, 4 min
Price | $10


Young Mountain Tea Kumoan White Tea

Kumaon White

-Low caffeine level-

Origin | Kumaon, India : Champawat
Highlights | Plucked in spring, grown in the Himalayas
Tasting notes | Delicate, sweet, fresh
Bienestar | a mild and calming tea
To steep | 170 F, 5 min
Price | $10


Young Mountain Tea's Darjeeling Green Tea

Darjeeling Long-Leaf Green

-Medium caffeine levels-

Origin | Darjeeling, India : Makaibari
Highlights | processed with the same machinery as 150 years ago.
Tasting notes | light, floral, fruity
Bienestar | a light tea for an afternoon pick-me-up
To steep | 180 F, 2.5 min
Price | $10


Young Mountain Tea's Ruby Oolong

Darjeeling Ruby Oolong

-Medium caffeine levels-
Origin | Darjeeling, India : Victoria’s Peak
Highlights | carefully crafted by hand
Tasting notes | rich, natural, complex
Bienestar | brings you back to your roots
To steep | 195 F, 3 min
Price | $10


Young Mountain Tea's Assam Black

Assam Black

-High in caffeine-
Origin | Assam, India : Satrupa
Highlights | base of our Masala Chai
Tasting notes | rich, malty, robust
Bienestar | for the breakfast tea drinker, pairs well with milk or cream
To steep | 210 F, 4 min
Price | $10



Organic Tisanes (non-caffeinated)

Dried Ginger Root Tea Ginger Root

Origin | Peru
Highlights | First recorded uses in ancient Sanskrit and Chinese texts
Tasting notes | spicy, earthy, warming
Bienestar | to calm your stomach, grounding
To steep | 200 F, 3 min
Price | $7/oz

Michigan Lavender Flower Tea

Lavender Flowers

Origin | Boyne, MI
Highlights | grown in Michigan, a soft purple color
Tasting notes | light, floral, sweet
Bienestar | calming to your mind
To steep | 200 F, 3 min
Price | $7/oz

Peppermint Loose Leaf Tea

Peppermint Leaf

Origin | United States
Highlights | Cultivation in the U.S. started in the 1790’s
Tasting notes | Fresh, crisp, revitalizing
Bienestar | Sharpens the mind, opens sinuses
To steep | 200 F, 3 min
Price | $7/oz

Aldea Featured Tea:

Cascara - Coffee Cherry Tea From Aldea Coffee


-High caffeine-
Origin | Lempira, Honduras
Highlights | The cherry of the coffee plant
Tasting notes | dried red fruit, deep
Bienestar | High in antioxidants, connection to Honduras
To steep | 200 F, 3 min
Price | $12/oz

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