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We’re opening a second location:
Here’s why and how you can help!

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The word Aldea means “community or village” in Spanish. This word has become the cornerstone of what we do here in West Michigan. We use coffee to foster the genuine human connection that builds a powerful community.

Whether you’re looking for a cup of coffee, a friend to chat with, or a comfortable place to get some work done, we strive to provide that for you.

This is why we are so excited to open a second cafe, located in the thriving community of Muskegon, MI at 794 Pine St. As a business, we have engaged in Muskegon in many ways since our beginning as a non-profit in 2009, and it is with great pride that we have watched the downtown transform over the past decade. Like many industrial towns across the midwest, Muskegon is in the midst of a renaissance and we are happy to play our role.

Downtown muskegon: in the midst of a renaissance

 Want to be involved?

There are many different ways that you can get involved in this project.

1) Donate to our crowdfunding campaign! Your donations are important for us to fund the buildout of the new Muskegon cafe. Donations of any amount will help us reach the full potential of our vision at Pine St. Please also share our campaign page with others through social media and by word of mouth. Follow this link to see our full campaign and donate! Every little bit helps.

2) Stay engaged! We want to keep seeing you! As some of our staff will be working in Muskegon during this project, go visit them! Stay tuned for updates as our buildout gets started next month.

3) Volunteer! We will have many opportunities for you to spend a couple hours with our team volunteering throughout this project. Whether it is tearing down walls or unwrapping chairs, we would love to have your help. Sign up here to let us know that you’re interested. 

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