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Coffee by Carlitos: Special Limited Release!

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Last year, we brought you the coffee of Charlie “Carlos” Heins, for the first time. It was a big hit and we loved your excitement and feedback. To date it is one of the highest quality coffees available at Aldea. Charlie’s coffee farm only produced 300 pounds this year, so we are again doing a limited release for the holidays. We want to show what a difference a year can make and how special we feel being involved in the lives of the growers we work with is.

Charlie's Second Coffee Harvest

You might think growing coffee in the mountains of Honduras seems like a romantic notion, Carlos proved it really can be. Seriously, maybe we should wait until Valentines Day to release this coffee. On August 3, 2019 Carlos and Nelsi Barbarita Alvarado were married. We are so happy for these two. It is difficult to put our joy and excitement into words so here are a few more pictures.

Introducing Nelsi

She is 29 years old and a grade school teacher. This year she was transferred to a different school and became the director of kindergarten in El Sito. She currently teaches pre-kinder and kindergarten. This coming March, Nelsi will complete her bachelor’s degree in education. She hopes to study language and/or law. 

Here is one more from their wedding day.

And… one more because it is such a cool shot.


Charlie & Nelsi Visit Michigan

Carlos and Nelsi visited us this November. The timing was perfect. They roasted the first batch of their coffee with us. It was also Nelsi’s first introduction to the weather in West Michigan.

They found the cozy corner at the Pine St. café..


About Charlie's Coffee

The following is the info for Carlos’ coffee. However, the info on the bag will never describe what this coffee and Carlos & Nelsi mean to us. We hope you enjoy it as well and a little bit of this feeling is passed on to you. 

Tasting notes: Subtle, sweet, brown sugar
Varietals: 100% Yellow Catuai Varietal
Process: Washed Process
Farm: Finca El Desvio
Farmer: Carlos Heins 

We hope you have an amazing holiday. Love your friends and family for all they are worth. Love them not for what you want them to be, but for who they are, even if who they are is sometimes impossible to understand.

Merry Christmas from the Aldea Family 

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