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Aldea's Coffee Subscription Program

If you frequently find yourself running out of coffee, and wish that freshly roasted coffee would automatically appear on your doorstep exactly when you need it, a coffee subscription is for you! And, it’s simple to sign up! Our subscription program helps you receive coffee on a regular basis without the hassle of remembering when to order. All of our coffees and teas are available as subscriptions, or you can choose Roaster’s Choice and we will send you a surprise coffee for each delivery! The quantity of coffee and frequency of delivery is flexible. You can choose to have coffee mailed right to your doorstep, or pick it up at one of the cafes. If you live in a household...

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Pandemic Home Brewing Coffee Essentials

Hello All! This is Andrew from Aldea Coffee. We know that everyone is doing more at home these days. Because of this we want to help you make Aldea coffee at home just as delicious as we make it for you in the café. The following are a few of my top recommendations. While a home brewing setup can be an investment, I believe the following items are absolutely worth every penny. You are going to get a way better cup of coffee, the equipment is going to last longer and most of the items on the list are easily fixable, should any problems arise. Automatic Drip Set up for the Home Bound Gang Includes: Bonavita Brewer and Baratza Grinder...

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Vintage Apparel - Part One To Solving The Apparel Problem

As a Certified B Corp, it is imperative for us to consider every aspect of Aldea and how we impact our community, consumers, and the environment. One opportunity involves how we source our apparel as we look to find durable, comfortable, and sustainable options. Although thrifted apparel may seem unconventional, there are many ways it impacts not only Aldea as a whole, but also the Earth. Our Conundrum: Clothing involves a lot of waste and damage to the environment. - Did you know that it takes around 2,700 liters of water to produce a single T-shirt? By utilizing thrifted clothing and reselling it as part of the Aldea brand, we will greatly reduce the amount of water used in our...

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A Message from Aldea Co-Owner Jeremy Miller: A New Coffee, A Plane Crash and Unprecedented Times

The following story is from Aldea Co-Owner, Jeremy Miller. It has been edited and stylized by our good friend Heather Peters (thanks Heather!). It centers around a new coffee that we are bringing on from Tanzania. However, with everything we do, it is about far more than the coffee itself. Instead, this coffee represents people and a story. It represents feelings of connection, depression, and a path to the future through these challenging days. Hello friends,  It’s hard to believe we are over two months into these uncertain times. We miss your faces and the day-to-day interaction with all of you. So we wanted to take this time to check in and share a personal story that feels especially relevant...

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#AldeaAtHome - Chemex Brewing with Elly & Daniel

We are so excited to share the second video in our series “Aldea At Home.” We hope this series will give you all the tools you need to brew great coffee. Join Elly and Daniel from the comfort of their kitchen for “Part II: Brewing with a Chemex”⁠⁠Share your stories and tips about brewing Aldea Coffee by using #AldeaAtHome.⁠⁠For specific questions you might have about brewing, email us at or send us a message on facebook or instagram. A barista will get back to you right away!⁠  

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