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As an organization, Aldea places great emphasis on social responsibility. Therefore, we believe all stakeholders should be fairly and ethically treated. This begins with the farmers and their families, but includes and is not limited to employees, the community in which we operate, customers, and vendors.

We believe in fiscal responsibility. While profitability is important to the long-term success of an organization, it is not the focus of our daily decisions. We take pride in paying farmers and U.S. partners fair prices for the quality of their products, compensating employees appropriately for their well-being, and investing in our organization and community to create lasting success.

In an effort to be good stewards of our community, we work to continuously reduce our impact on the environment. This includes encouraging people to enjoy their beverages in-house with ceramic cups, using to-go products and packaging materials that meet high environmental standards, and recycling whenever possible.

Aldea Coffee is a Certified B Corporation. What is a B Corporation? Learn more here.


through all we craft,

we emphasize quality and value in every interaction.

We believe the Earth to be an inspiring place,

and we empower each other

to explore, enjoy, and preserve it.