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Aldea is inspired by our predecessors in the environmental movement. Good stewardship of the Earth is by no means a modern concept, and we proudly stand on the shoulders of past leaders like the Iroquois, who contemplated the effects of their decisions on people seven generations into the future. It’s a truly beautiful sentiment, and an ethos worthy of upholding.


In July 2019, Aldea Coffee turns four years old. In that time, we have made preserving the Earth a top priority, and that value is written directly into our mission statement. Our team is full of highly passionate and empathetic people who embrace challenges as they arise. We make recycling and composting possible by working with local organizations, friends and the City of Grand Haven.

Recycle | We sort all recycled materials into different containers in the basement at the Armory. Downtown Grand Haven, we can recycle our plastic milk jugs, cardboard boxes and paper right in the cardboard recycling bin behind our building. Materials that are not accepted are taken to a facility where they can be processed in Grand Rapids.

Compost | As a coffee company, the great majority of products we use can be composted and quickly returned to the natural environment. Knowing this, we just needed to find a friendly composter to help us out. Grand Haven local (hero) and friend, Zebulon stepped up to the plate, rather, garden. Zeb has been composting for us going on two years, and by processing our compost Zeb creates a more sustainable lifestyle for his family. Thank you so much, Zeb!

Reduce Waste | To reduce other types of waste we implemented several new protocols. We order reusable mugs and encourage our customers to purchase and use them. We take great pride in washing them if mugs come back in need. By having these mugs available, we greatly reduce the amount of paper cups and plastic lids leaving our coffee shop, likely heading for a landfill. We removed stir sticks and straws from our cafe, replacing them with metal spoons and strawless lids. All of these initiatives and many others have a positive impact on our team, customers, Grand Haven and the Earth.

Local Partnerships | We love to partner with local organizations, including WMEAC and the Alliance for the Great Lakes. Through WMEAC’s partnership we are working to bring commercial composting to Grand Haven. This is an ongoing project that involves students at Grand Valley State University, Aquinas College and many locals. We are raising awareness, hosting workshops and forums, and plan to cause a bit of a ruckus.

Community Engagement | Another way that we make sustainability a priority is by planning and attending local events. We organize beach cleanups at Grand Haven State Park and have hosted a composting workshop to teach the best ways to compost at home. By engaging directly with the community, we see first-hand the impact we make on Grand Haven and the surrounding communities.

Two events that we're participating in this month:
Grand Haven State Park Beach Cleanup April 20th
Grand Haven Earth Day Celebration April 27th


Stay connected through our blog, instagram and emails to see other ways we are getting involved to preserve this beautiful Earth on which we are honored to live.

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