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Aldea's 2020 B Corp Impact Report

In 2020, we officially became a Certified B Corp. This means as a business we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of stewardship. This report is a reflection of those standards as we move forward and improve upon them by consistently improving our performance socially and environmentally.


In 2020, we started serving food at our Muskegon cafe. When it comes to serving quality food, we looked to local vendors first:


• Sourdough Bread from Laughing Tree Brick Oven Bakery of Hart, MI
• Jam from Beau Bien Fine Foods of Detroit, MI
• Chevre from Meadow View Farm of Fremont, MI 
• Microgreens, kale, apples - Crisp Country Acres of Zeeland, MI


We always look to reduce waste & divert waste from the landfill.


We processed over 3,000 gallons of compostable material in 2020. 


Over 1,500 orders shipped with reused & repurposed packaging
often donated by customers in 2020.
Since our founding in 2015, we have never purchased package filler


Aldea provides paid volunteer time to all staff members to better serve our community.

Volunteer Time: 

75 hours

Hours @ Community Events: 


Total Hrs Working in Communities: 


Aldea Team Care

Every quarter, we take 1% of our revenue and share it with our employees, and 1% of our revenue to share with Aldea Development. We decided on revenue sharing rather than profit sharing, so that our team will always receive 1%, even if we don’t make a profit in a given quarter.


Revenue Shared in 2020

Aldea Employees $5,895.00
Aldea Development $5,895.00
Total Revenue Shared $11,790

Direct Trade

We source our coffees through direct relationships with farmers
in Honduras and Tanzania.
The prices shown  are those  paid directly to the farmers.
In addition, Aldea Coffee pays for all export & importing fees,
taxes, transportation, processing fees, & more!


Avg Price/lb $1.94
Avg Price/lb 


Avg Price/lb $1.36

Satisfaction Rate

We survey our team to find our employee satisfaction rate. We also average all of our online reviews to calculate our customer satisfaction rate.

Employee Satisfaction Rate


Customer Satisfaction Rate 


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