A deeper look into our new coffee bag design - Aldea Coffee

A deeper look into our new coffee bag design

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Photos from Honduras, and Elly Kuyt, Aldea's Designer
In 2021, our in-house designer, Elly, visited Honduras alongside Aldea owners, Jeremy & Andrew. During this trip, she met many of the farmers and even served their coffee to them. Below are personal quotes from Elly describing how this trip inspired the design of the bag & labels.

Aldea Coffee New Bag Design

The Idea

“I began working on this concept over 5 years ago, but it really came together after my trip to Honduras. For the new coffee bag labels, I created unique patterns or gradients for each individual coffee. Depending on my personal interactions with the coffee farmers, or attributes of the coffees themselves.”

“Each pattern is different, with unique associations and representations, depending on how much I have gotten to know the farmer, and how their coffee tastes.“

Honduras Inspiration
“For example, for Marlon Carcamo's coffee, I chose a warm-toned color scheme of warm yellow, orange, and brown. The yellow is reminiscent of the color he painted his house, the orange reminds me of the fish-shaped juice glasses and the freshly squeezed juice he served us in them. The brown is there to represent the smooth nutty notes you find within his coffee. The vertical lines represent the orderly and precise way in which he processes his coffee, Marlon being one of our most detail-oriented farmers.”
Honduras Inspiration
“For the blends, I chose to create gradients. For most, each farmer or region is represented by a different color, and the symbolism is that each individual color (coffee) comes together to blend into something new and beautiful. The vibrancy and tone of the gradient represent the darkness or lightness of the roast profile.”

“My hope is that these illustrations bring an even deeper connection between the coffee farmers and you.” -Elly

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