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Why Aldea's espresso blend is perfect for Valentine’s Day

Espresso Blend - What you should know

When you base everything you do on facilitating healthy relationships, it is sometimes surprising the pleasant things that happen. Our espresso blend is one such instance. As we began looking forward to our February and Valentine’s Day specials, we decided to highlight these coffees and how well they compliment each other in our espresso. This blend consists largely of two coffees grown by Ruth and Ramon Enamorado. Ruth and Ramon are farmers from the same region of Honduras, but what makes it even more special is they are also husband and wife whose last name just so happens to translate as “in love.”


Naturally processed coffees

Natural processing is different from the process most coffee goes through. A natural process simply means that the fruit surrounding the bean remains intact until later in the drying process. This helps the coffee retain more natural sweetness and fruity flavors. It can be a more complex method and thus less common in much of the world, including Honduras. The fact that the coffees of Ruth and Ramon are naturally processed making up a large percentage of our blend contributes to the espresso becoming sweet and creamy.

“Espresso” is just a brewing method

Did you know espresso blends can be used for espresso, but also as any other form of coffee as well? The beans are just regular coffee and they work as well for your regular coffee pot as they would for espresso. The only difference is in the machine and the extraction technique. An espresso machine subjects coffee to high pressure, resulting in espresso’s uniquely powerful flavor. 

Other things to know

The blend:

The coffees of Ruth &Ramon highlight the blend, but it is rounded out by a coffee from Brazil and another single-origin coffee from Honduras. This helps balance it throughout the espresso extraction process.


Creamy, Rich, Sweet


Ruth and Ramon were paid 81% above the fair trade rate for their beans.

Purchase the Espresso Blend at either cafe, or online here.

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