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March Features: Victor Deras and Matcha

Here at Aldea, one of our core purposes is to build special relationships with the farmers and vendors we work with. Meeting the farmers in person and having strong relationships with our vendors elevates the connections between our people, products, and values. This month we are excited to bring you two great products, the coffee of Victor Deras and our Matcha from Easthill Tea Co.
Victor Deras’ Coffee
In 2018, Brittany was able to travel to Honduras and meet Victor Deras. At the time, Victor had been selling coffee to Aldea for 4 years; a business which he is passionate about. He explained how much selling to us had impacted his life. As a business, we praise quality over all other features. Victor highlighted this aspect of our culture when he described that from his choice to sell to Aldea, he must work harder to produce good coffee. Though it requires more work, it means he will make more money and gain more skills in the process. His coffee is very special, and is now being served as a darker roast.
Our Matcha Latte
Our Matcha is sourced by Keqi at Easthill Tea Co, and comes from a Japanese second-generation tea master. This tea dates back to the Song Dynasty in China, where Matcha was extremely popular. The culture of tea eventually traveled to Japan from Eisai, a Japanese Monk, around 1190. Since then, Japan has begun to drink and grow tea. 
Matcha is actually healthier than Green tea, which is due to its powdered state. As you drink it, you ingest the tea leaves, which heightens the health benefits it provides. Though its vibrant color looks fun, it’s actually a slightly mature drink. Its smell and taste are comparable; deep, earthy, and grassy. 
Other Things to Know
We will be featuring Victor’s coffee, our matcha latte, and returning favorite, the fresh mint mocha for the month of March. Look for the release of these drinks starting March 6th.

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