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The 10 Books on the Shelf at Aldea and why they are there

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Aldea Coffee Favorite Books

Each book on our shelf at the shop has been deliberately chosen, as they are a reflection of our values and have personally influenced each of us in a different way. We have put together this guide to the books for sale in our cafe at the Armory and why you will find them there.


Aldea Coffee Favorite Books Zingermans

Zingerman’s Business Book Series

Author | Ari Weinzweig

Highlights | business can be done differently; powerful and alternative visioning, leadership, personal organization

A Lapsed Anarchist’s Approach is a business based book series written by Zingerman’s founder Ari Weinzweig. Zingerman’s is based in Ann Arbor, MI. Building a Great Business is the first book we read together as a team and is the first in the series of three. The entire Zingerman’s book series has solidified the fact that you can develop something based on community, values and a higher purpose. Besides being an inspiration, these books represent many useful and practical ideas for growing a business or even applying them to your personal endeavors.


Aldea Coffee Favorite Books Closer to the Ground Patagonia

Closer to the Ground

Author | Dylan Tomine, a Patagonia book

Highlights | raising children, living healthy, enjoying life, navigating societal pressures

We love Closer to the Ground for the simple, joyful, and inspirational story it tells of a family‘s approach to living a healthy and sustainable life while raising kids in an ever-changing world. We admire how Tomine shows how a family trying to live well can be a joyful adventure that creates togetherness. This book also contains recipes, family adventure ideas and gardening tips.


Aldea Coffee Favorite Books Patagonia - Let my people go surfing

Let My People Go Surfing

Author | Yvon Chouinard, a Patagonia book

Highlights | supporting a lifestyle, not selling out, accounting for our impact, it’s never about the money

There may not be a better “business” book out there. Patagonia’s founder, Yvon Chouinard is the author of Let My People Go Surfing. His book presents Yvon’s approach to life, and thus how he has developed his company. The book begins with Patagonia’s origin story and progresses to show how the company approaches specific aspects of its business. From marketing and design to employee healthcare and management, you do not need to be starting a business to read this one. It is also applicable and helpful for approaching life, or knowing what to look for in a company when making decisions as a consumer.


Aldea Coffee Favorite Books - Smuggler's Guide To Good Manners - Kenny Ranen

A Smuggler’s Guide to Good Manners

Author | Kenny Ranen

Highlights | stories that couldn’t possibly be real, but are; life at sea, travel and adventure, the influence of love

If you have ever wondered who the short, chatty, older gentlemen at Aldea is with the crazy hair and awesome glasses, it is Kenny Ranen. From mountain climbing in the early days in Yosemite to sailing the world as a smuggler, Captain Kenny has lived a fascinating life. His stories have brought joy and inspiration to Aldea. Many of these stories can be found in his first book, A Smuggler’s Guide to Good Manners most of which was written in our cafe. Kenny is currently writing his second book and we can hardly wait until it’s completed. If you love travel stories, sailing or adventure, this book is for you. Not to mention, Kenny is an actual Pirate!


Aldea Coffee Favorite Books - Brian Roscoe - Inspirational Espresso

Inspirational Espresso

Author | Brian Roscoe

Highlights | wellness inspiration from a personal source

Brian Roscoe has been at Aldea from the day the shop opened. There is not a person more passionate about health and wellness than Brian. He is the first customer at the shop nearly every morning, and most days he shares anecdotes and ideas on how to live a fulfilled life. We are a healthier, more able staff because of him. Lucky for all of us, Brian has written an in depth book on his anecdotes and sources of inspiration. Check them out in the aptly named, Inspirational Espresso.


Aldea Coffee Favorite Books - Patagonia - The Responsible Company

The Responsible Company  

Author | Yvon Chouinard & Vincent Stanley, a Patagonia book

Highlights | a serious guide to social and environmental responsibility, what all businesses should be doing

We love Patagonia and greatly adhere to the literature they produce. The Responsible Company is a remarkable book on how a business can achieve and hold itself accountable to being environmentally and socially responsible to the Earth. Aldea’s goal is to create a better world and community. This book has helped us see that as a business, it is possible.


Aldea Coffee Favorite Books - Patagonia - Tools for Grassroots Activists

Tools for Grassroots Activists; Best Practices for Success in the Environmental Movement

Author | edited by Nora Gallagher & Lisa Myers, a Patagonia book

Highlights | achieving cause based initiatives, straightforward guides, motivational examples

This book has a wide application, if not only visible by the vibrant photography throughout. It is geared towards those seeking to create and influence change regarding the environment. While we greatly admire this goal, the book is very helpful for conducting any type of grassroots movement. We have used it for our everyday strategies as a business and would recommend Tools for Grassroots Activists to anyone considering how to promote small or large causes.

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