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Aldea Miir Tumblers: Honduran Inspired, 1% for the Planet

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Aldea coffee's new Miir tumbler travel mugs.

 We love travel mugs at Aldea for a few reasons; the word “travel” itself implies that we are out experiencing and enjoying life. Secondly, the more we use our travel mugs when we are taking a drink on the go, the less waste we produce. Furthermore, when we carry our own mugs the dings, stickers, and scratches tell a little bit of our story and can be a gentle reminder to get back out and do it all again.

Side note: Do not be afraid to bring your mug in when it’s dirty. We are always happy to wash it.

If you do not have a travel mug or are looking for a new one, here are three reasons to consider our new mugs.


The Honduran landscape artwork

The landscape of La Union, Honduras. Drawn by Elly Bollweg.


We are proud to feature the Honduran landscape, as drawn by Elly Bollweg, on our new mugs. Hand drawn, the piece incorporates a panorama of the mountains and small villages in Honduras where the farmers we partner with live and work. Elly’s inspiration was to connect all of us to origin.

Awesome features, and high-quality build

We will have two options for the mugs. Both are sleek, stylish, and durable. The mugs are BPA free and their stainless steel bodies won’t sweat.  With double wall vacuum insulation, they’re tough on the outside, allowing you to bring them on journeys near and far. 

The first option is a 12 ounce travel mug. The travel mug’s tight fitting screw-on lid allows for easy strapping to your backpack during a hike, or can be converted into an accessory for either a sleek suit or stylish office outfit. (Available starting December 24th at the Armory, or preorder online.) 

A mockup of the Aldea Coffee Miir Travel Tumbler.



The second option is a 12 ounce tumbler. It fits car consoles perfectly and the suction lid secures against disastrous spills en route to your next adventure. (Available at the Armory or online.)

Aldea Coffee reusable mug options


They're made by an ethical & mindful company


The mugs are produced by Miir, a company based out of Seattle. We love their commitment to design, the environment, and overall quality.

Miir is a part of 1% for the Planet, which commits 1% of their annual sales to environmental causes.

Their mission states: “We exist to empower people for a better future.” This connects with our ideals at Aldea. We strive to emphasize quality and value in every interaction, while empowering each other to explore, enjoy and preserve the earth.

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