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Nepali Golden Black Loose Leaf Tea
Nepali Golden Black Loose Leaf Tea

Nepali Golden Black Loose Leaf Tea

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The Nepali Golden Black Loose Leaf Tea is full, rich, and sweet.


Tasting Notes & Information from our tea supplier, Young Mountain Tea:


Taste: Rich milk chocolate & dark honey

OriginIlam District, Eastern Nepali Himalayas

Tea Maker: Tinjure Cooperative

Infusion Suggestions: 

Steep 1 1 Tbsp /2.5 g  |  8 oz  |  210° F  |  3.5 min

Steep 2  8 oz  |  210° F  |  4.5  min

Certifications: USDA Organic

Contains Caffeine

Nepali Golden Black is a rich black with luscious layers of dark honey that make it one of our most popular teas. It’s made by Nepal’s first tea cooperative, grown organically, and serves as a great introduction into the world of specialty tea.

Tasting Notes: Its luxuriously smooth and creamy body is marked by undertones of dark honey and thick milk chocolate. For such a deeply satisfying black, its bouquet is surprisingly bright, and the aroma of apricots jumps out the cup. Breathe it in then enjoy the dive! Lovers of English Breakfast, Early Grey, or Yunnan Gold are likely to enjoy this tea.