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Karolina Alvarenga
Karolina Alvarenga

Karolina Alvarenga

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PLEASE NOTE: We are very low on inventory of Karolina's coffee. This may cause delays with orders placed. 


A subtle dark roast coffee with a rich body, hints of cocoa, and a smooth finish.

Karolina lives in La Union and has three daughters. She has farmed coffee for over 12 years. Karolina's work supports her family. Both of her daughters attend universities in the United States with full-ride academic scholarships. 

She has sold her coffee to Aldea for nearly five years and looks forward to continuing the relationship. She is continually making improvements on her field for restoration and disease prevention.

Karolina was paid $2.06 per pound, 47% above fair trade for her coffee.

El Águila, Honduras

Finca El Águila

Red & Yellow Catuai Varietals

1375M Elevation

Washed Process