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Karolina Alvarenga
Karolina Alvarenga

Karolina Alvarenga

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About this Coffee

A subtle dark roast. Roasted to 423 degrees.  A rich body, hints of cocoa, and a smooth finish.

Coffee Producer: Karolina Alvarenga

Roast Profile: medium to slightly dark roast

Tasting notes: Rich, Cocoa, Smooth

Varietals: Red Catuai 

Elevation: 1375M 

Process: Washed and Solar Dried

Payment: Karolina was paid $2.06 per pound, 47% above fair trade for her coffee.

Location: El Águila, La Union, Lempira, Honduras

Field Name: Finca El Campo

Aldea Development, La Union, Honduras tasting lab notes: Dulce, Miel, Caramelo (Sweet, Honey, Caramel).