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Kumaon Earl Gray Loose Leaf Tea

Kumaon Earl Gray Loose Leaf Tea

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The Kumaon Earl Gray Tea has notes of rich caramel & clean citrus.


Tasting Notes & Information from our tea supplier, Young Mountain Tea:


Ingredients: Organic Kumaon Black, Bergamot Oil

Infusion Suggestions:

Steep 1 0.5 Tbsp/2.5 g | 8 oz | 210° F | 4 min

Steep 2 8 oz | 210° F | 5 min

Contains Caffeine

Our rendition of the world’s most popular blend is made with a light black tea that has sweet notes of caramel, enhanced by the citrus zip of bergamot oil.

Tasting Notes: The base tea in this classic black blend is our single-origin Organic Kumaon Black, a wonderfully balanced black with natural notes of rich caramel and bittersweet cocoa. The bergamot oil, made from the rinds of a small orange-like fruit native to the Mediterranean, builds on the black tea foundation by adding a clean and slightly sour citrus twist. The result is a divinely fresh cuppa that’s great hot or cold. Explore the full line of collaborative blends developed in partnership with the Jasmine Pearl Tea Company.