Jasmine Pearl Loose Leaf Tea


Size 3 Ounces

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In northern Fujian Province, China, our Jasmine Pearls are produced using just the bud of the tea bush. Harvested in spring and pan-fired to neutralize their oxidizing enzyme, the slender green buds are hand rolled into tiny pearls and stored until July, when the jasmine flowers begin to bloom. The pearls are then layered between just-picked jasmine blossoms. This scenting process can be repeated up from 4 to 10 times before the spent jasmine is removed to create the finest tea.


Origin: Northern Fujian Province, China

International Tea Importers

Brewing Instructions

For our Jasmine Pearl Tea, we recommend brewing with water around 176°F. Steep 2.5g or 25 pearls with 325g or 10oz of water. The first steep time should be 2:30 mins, the second steep 4:00 minutes, and the third steep 5:30 minutes.

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Sourcing teas is something we are incredibly mindful of. We want to be able to trace our teas the same way that we can trace our coffee. We mainly work with Young Mountain Tea based out of Eugene, Oregon. 

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