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What Brittany Learned in Honduras

Last month Brittany visited Aldea Development in Honduras. While she was there she made friends (imagine that), saw the coffee farmers in action, and learned about our coffee production facility in that country. Brittany learned other stuff too, and she just had to share it with you all.

1. The world is colorful

What did Brittany notice immediately about the Honduran landscape? "The colors are vibrant: it's purples, yellows, pinks, reds," she said. "The flowers and the buildings and the dresses and clothes on the people, it's very colorful." Sounds like we might want to schedule a bright shirt day at Aldea Coffee.


2. Water is important

"We take water for granted," Brittany said after returning from her week-long visit to Honduras where the locals often have to carry or divert water for their use. In the hilly regions of Lempira, the farms are sprinkled across hills and water has to be brought in or channeled to the homes so families can wash their clothes.


3. A smile works in any language

Brittany admitted that her Spanish was not as strong as she wanted it to be. The kindness and understanding of her hosts was helpful in bridging a communication gap, and at times she had an interpreter. But one thing is understood by everyone. "It's amazing how a smile works in any language," Brittany said. "The little children had these amazing smiles. You can speak so clearly with a smile."



  • Dick Tanis

    Brittany, it was so uplifting to read your comments on your trip to Honduras. What a wonderful opportunity to partake in their culture and make new friends even with a language barrier. Sharon and I are so happy for what you experienced and learned. Thank You for sharing. We are so grateful for all of you at Aldea and what you are doing for the community.
    d tanis

  • Doug Heins

    Brittany took a bunch of pictures in Honduras. Are those posted anywhere?

  • Tawny Sprite

    Such a great experience and wonderful memories! Keep on smiling. :)

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