Aldea's Elly Bollweg to have water color displayed in upcoming art show - Aldea Coffee

Aldea's Elly Bollweg to have water color displayed in upcoming art show

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Elizabeth Bollweg

Aldea Coffee barista Elly Bollweg is gaining attention for the art she creates outside of a coffee cup. Next week she’ll have a piece of her work included in an art show in Grand Rapids alongside several regional artists.

If you’ve visited the Aldea Coffee shop in Grand Haven you’ve probably seen some of Elly’s artwork. The menu cards and center pieces on the tables feature her drawings. Most menu and graphical items for the Aldea brand come from her talented hand. And of course, the barista also creates art in your favorite latte.

But Elly’s gaining recognition for her use of paint not milk. One of her pieces will be on display in All Art Works Fall 2018, on Friday, September 14, from 6 to 9 PM at The ArtPrize Hub at 41 Sheldon SE in Grand Rapids.

“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to show my art with so many talented artists,” Elly says.   

“I actually only started doing water color about a year and half ago,” Elly says. “Up until then I had worked mostly with ink and charcoal. I was inspired by some artists I’d seen and decided to try to add some color. I had previously worked mainly in black and white. A lot of my art is very delicate, and water color lends itself to that.”

Bollweg’s “Downtown”, a water color of downtown Grand Haven, will be on display at the exhibit. It was also recently displayed at Elly’s show at The Theater Bar in August with other items. Elly has also previously exhibited her art at The Armory during Grand Haven’s Art Walk in 2017.

“We’re proud to have Elly on our team. She’s so talented, and we’re lucky to have her watchful eye helping us always look good,” says shop co-founder Jeremy Miller.

Elly has found a fan base with regulars at the coffee shop. Several regulars have purchased prints of her popular “The Armory” watercolor.  

To see prints of “Downtown” or to view other pieces of Elly’s work, visit her website at     

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