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A note from us...

This summer, we are making a move.

In 2015, we got our start in the Armory building downtown Grand Haven. Over the past 6 years, we have seen an incredible community being built around us. From Saturday morning meet-ups to an array of dogs that we like to consider our friends. We have been incredibly grateful for our time in the Armory, but the time has now come that we move into our own space.

As hard as it will be to leave the Armory, & all of our business partners there, we are excited for the growth that this move will bring for us. Follow along as we begin our buildout, raise funds, and begin this next chapter of our Aldea journey.

We are sincerely thankful for all of you.

- The Aldea Team

If you want to support this project, you can!

Purchase one of the following items, or donate directly to the project. These purchases may be made online or in one of our cafes.

Goodbye, Armory building!
Thanks for everything!

117 Washington Ave -
just around the corner

Our new building is just around the corner from the Armory. It’s tall, it’s green, you’ll see it. The new cafe will be reminiscent of Muskegon’s. We will continue to feature specialty coffee, organic teas, and locally sourced, high-quality food and pastry items. There will be community seating, individual seating, floor seating, and lots of plants!

The History Of 117 Washington

The original building here burned down in 1872. In 1881, a man named
George Hubbard erected a structure known as the Hubbard Block. It was the first three-story brick edifice to grace the Grand Haven skyline.

It was a hardware store, home to Grand Haven Bottling Works, housed billiards and bowling! Sherwin-Williams Paints had a time here in the 1950's & even Marushka sometime in the ’80s!

Support The Project!

By purchasing one of the items through our website, or at the cafes, you're helping us achieve our goals!


The “OG” Mug Club for life: Cost - $365 for an individual, $465 for two peoples!.

- Many of you may already have a Mug Club Membership, maybe some of you have let yours lapse, or maybe you’ve been waiting for 2 years for us to open it back up! Our “OG” Mug Club Membership is back in action, this time will be for only Lifetime Memberships and it will cost $365.00. (Think about it as $1/day for one year!) With your Mug Club membership, you receive 20% off your drinks & bags of coffee. This is a limited-time offer.

Roaster’s Club : Cost - $50.00

This is for the at-home coffee drinker. This Club we started a couple of years ago and we are very excited about it. For just $50.00, you receive a pound of coffee, a sticker sheet, and a growler or howler to fill up with cold brew and lemonade. AND THEN - you receive 20% off every purchase of bagged coffee and cold brew or lemonade for the remaining calendar year of 2021! This is a club that you want to be a part of, especially if you purchase coffee online regularly!

Growler & Sticker Pack : Cost - $30.00

For $30.00, you can get a growler for all your cold brew needs and a pack of stickers that represents who Aldea is to you! The best part, you get 1 free Cold Brew or Lemonade fill with this one!

Mug Club Membership
- $365.00

Roaster's Club Membership
- $50

Donation of
any amount
- $Variable

Growler & stickersheet
- $30

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where are we moving? We are moving to 117 Washington, right around the corner!


When are you opening? Summertime! We have a goal to open as soon as possible and we will know more as the project progresses. Our cafe in the Armory will still be open until we open the new space, don’t worry!


Why are we moving? We are ready for a space that is individual to us, we will be open longer hours, be able to offer food, and expand on our current specialty coffee menu!


Is there any way I can help? In addition to volunteering to help us with smaller projects, you can also help through one-time donations, signing up for Mug Club or Roaster’s club, and as always, spreading the word!


What will our hours be? 7am - 7pm ! Or later!


I've never heard of Mug Club, what is it? Mug Club is one of our favorite things we did when we first opened our cafe. Once you sign up, you receive 20% off of everything except for food items! This includes, merchandise, bags of coffee, and all your drinks!


I've never heard of Roaster’s Club, what is it? Our Roaster’s Club is designed specifically for those who drink a lot of coffee at home. All Roaster’s Club members receive 20% off all their bags of coffee & bulk coffee purchased online or in our cafes.


Can I gift any of these items? Always! Just like Christmas!


Can I make a direct donation to the project? Yes! You can make a donation at either of our cafes, online, or by handing Jeremy a check. : )

How will I know what is happening and when? Watch your email, and instagram or Facebook! We’ll be posting updates regularly. Sign up for our newsletter below!



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