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Aldea Customer Warranty

  • No customer is allowed to leave the Aldea unsatisfied, feeling that they have not received great value during their experience with us.

  • We recognize that not everyone lets us know when they’re unsatisfied, so it is up to us to identify problems as they are happening. If something isn’t right, it must be corrected in an appropriate fashion before the customer exits the building.

  • Depending on the timing and specific problem with a drink, the following steps should be taken to remedy any lapse in our standards:

  • Free drink card - Even if the customer initially refuses to accept the card, encourage them to take it and give it to a friend. Examples of when a card should be given include:

    • Drink takes too long, made incorrectly, or forgot to make it

    • Any lapse in service

  • Gift card - If the customer remains unsatisfied, a gift card should be given.

  • Refund of items - If anyone remains unsatisfied, they should have already received a drink card and gift card, with no chance of reasonably leaving unsatisfied.

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