Coffee in Grand Haven

We're proud to offer coffee in Grand Haven, a beautiful community on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan.

Aldea means "community" and we feel fortunate to be involved in the vibrant community of Grand Haven, which has a rich history and a wealth of resources via the citizens who make it their home.

The Aldea Coffee cafe and coffee shop is located in The Armory building in downtown Grand Haven. As a result, we have the opportunity to witness the thriving downtown community. We love to see people working, connecting, and relaxing in our environment.

Our coffee shop offers a wide variety of premium roasted coffees, teas, soda, lemonade, and other goods. We have ample seating to host you, your friends, or your group if you're seeking a spot to meet on a regular basis.

Come, commune, be a part of, OR change the community at Aldea Coffee.

What Grand Haven Says About Aldea Coffee

"This is my home and these are my people, and the coffee is great."  Jenny

"The Cafe Miel is amazing." — Mike

"Thank you Aldea Coffee and The Armory for being here, you make Grand Haven a pleasure to call home." Dan


MONDAY ......... 7-6
TUESDAY ........ 7-6
WEDNESDAY ........ 7-6
THURSDAY ......... 7-6
FRIDAY ......... 7-6
SATURDAY ......... 8-6
SUNDAY ......... 9-5