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This year has been crazy, there's no way around it. And because of that, it is more important than ever to support the small businesses you care about. For many small businesses, Aldea included, the holidays represent a large portion of yearly sales, and with restrictions in place, this holiday season presents special challenges.

We ask you to consider looking at items you normally purchase from large online retailers and consider alternatives you can find locally. Many of your favorite local stores are striving to make your shopping experience safe and easy, and will go the extra mile to help their business succeed this holiday season.


That being said, we have put together a variety of shopping options for you:

- In Person Private Shopping Appointments
You will go to the cafe, and have the holiday shopping area all to yourself.
The barista on staff that day will be ready to assist you with anything you may need.

- Virtual Private Shopping Appointments
(Yes! Virtual! - We will contact you to setup a Facetime or Zoom meeting.)
If you decide to purchase gifts, we can organize an online order for you and mail your gifts, or arrange curbside or in-cafe pickup of your items.


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