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Cecilio Vasquez
Cecilio Vasquez

Cecilio Vasquez

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A vibrant, robust medium roast coffee with a soft, complex body, subtle tartness and dried stone fruit notes.

Cecilio, 58, lives in the village of Malcincal, but his coffee field is higher in the mountains of La Zona. He has four children, one of whom is in the local bilingual school. In 2014, nearly 80% of his field was affected by a detrimental disease called coffee leaf rust. He has planted new Catuai varietals to replace the lost plants.  

Cecilio is a graduate of the Aldea Development coffee processing program. He hopes to continue improving the quality of his coffee, so the profits from his specialty coffee can continue to improve the education of his children. 

Cecilio was paid $2.46 per pound, 75% Above Fair Trade Rate for his coffee.

La Zona, Honduras 

Finca El Higon 
Yellow & Red Catuai, Lempira Varietals
1500M Elevation

Washed Process