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Vintage Apparel - Part One To Solving The Apparel Problem

As a Certified B Corp, it is imperative for us to consider every aspect of Aldea and how we impact our community, consumers, and the environment. One opportunity involves how we source our apparel as we look to find durable, comfortable, and sustainable options. Although thrifted apparel may seem unconventional, there are many ways it impacts not only Aldea as a whole, but also the Earth. Our Conundrum: Clothing involves a lot of waste and damage to the environment. - Did you know that it takes around 2,700 liters of water to produce a single T-shirt? By utilizing thrifted clothing and reselling it as part of the Aldea brand, we will greatly reduce the amount of water used in our...

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Aldea Miir Tumblers: Honduran Inspired, 1% for the Planet

 We love travel mugs at Aldea for a few reasons; the word “travel” itself implies that we are out experiencing and enjoying life. Secondly, the more we use our travel mugs when we are taking a drink on the go, the less waste we produce. Furthermore, when we carry our own mugs the dings, stickers, and scratches tell a little bit of our story and can be a gentle reminder to get back out and do it all again. Side note: Do not be afraid to bring your mug in when it’s dirty. We are always happy to wash it. If you do not have a travel mug or are looking for a new one, here are three reasons to...

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